Event | Celebrating 3rd Year of Justice Knights Tracker International

Justice Knights Tracker International Officers and Japanese Guests
Founded 3 years ago by Mr. Eduard T. Fuentes, Justice Knights Tracker International is anchored to help for nation building and eradicating illegal drugs. In their 3 years existence the organization has conducted several activities already like feeding program, bloodletting, livelihood program for the members and medical mission to needy communities in a discreet way. They believe that when you help, it doesn’t need to be broadcasted.

Most of their members are businessmen around the globe, from Asia, Europe and even North America. Members are endorsed with commendable track record and with true desire to help communities. Again, their primary objective is to help the community.

In their 3rd anniversary celebration, they have a whole day activity to accept new members, recognize officers, acknowledge international guests and it also serves as their Christmas party. For me, it is indeed a full-pack event that busy people in helping communities will have so that after this, they can continue with their vision of having a better community aligned with the desires of the incumbent government administration.

In their celebration, there are some guests from Japan who attended and are very willing to help communities in the country to produce tea. The group is eyeing to help many communities with the tea production and also to send somebody to Japan to help their families. Aside from that, members are also discussing the needs of their community and in return, some members offer to help by knowing how they can help in the manufacturing and distribution. It is a simple gesture of “bayanihan” and being a family.

I wish their organization more years to help communities and their ecosystem. May they attain the desires they have for the nation and reach more helpful communities internationally. In that way, they can help many areas in the country to attain a better living.

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