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Me at Davao Lounge
Davao City is a Meetings, Incentives, Conventions or Events (MICE) destination in the Philippines. As more and more MICE activities are being done in the city, there are more venues needed to cater the growing demand. Just recently opened, last year December 2019, Davao Lounge Cafe Restaurant and Business Center is a very promising venue and a Halal-friendly establishment!

Some Davao Lounge Staff
Davao Lounge Outside
Davao Lounge is located at Duterte St., ATU Plaza, Davao City. The establishment is new and entering the vicinity is a bit intimidating. I, for example, thought that the establishment is a very pricey cafe restaurant because it has a very luxurious feel, it is well-lit, cool and with elegant furniture sets. But who would have thought that they have a very affordable menu? They even have MEALennial combo (value meal) as low as P165! You can also enjoy a solo or group (good for 3-4 persons) serving of food as low as P95 upto P750. In fact, they have a great halal-friendly menu.

By the way, they are OPEN 24/7; students and business people can eat and stay there plus enjoy FREE WIFI!

Anyways, I have been saying about their affordable menu, but what do they have? There’s a lot, but I will show you what we have tasted with some of my friends.

The Appetizer - Tuna Kinilaw
Tuna Kinilaw
A raw tuna fish with relish of lemon and spices that is not very sour - a perfect taste! It is also a Davao favorite!

The Soup - Bouillabaisse
It is a classic stew of the freshest seafood! It is an overwhelming seafood soup, and a good choice! Just eat, don't spell. LOL 

The Pasta - Seafood Pasta

Seafood Pasta
This is a creamy seafood pasta presented like there's a flying fork. It is rich, creamy and perfect pasta noodles - al dente!

The Rice - Asian Rice Platter

Asian Rice Platter
Filipinos love rice and this rice is Chinese style with egg and veges that I think is good for 4 persons.

The Main Courses!

Ardiente Bulalo

Ardiente Bulalo
A different presentation of bulalo with a creamy gravy and yes, it’s ardiente! The meat is tender and the gravy is thick, a bit salty.

Beef Salpicao

Beef Salpicao
It is a cut beef tenderloin with roasted garlic and soy glaze. It is one of my favorites as it is tender and perfectly seasoned.

Orange-Pineapple with Honey Glaze
Orange-Pineapple with Honey Glaze
It is a citrus dish of chicken fillet with pineapple chunks glazed with honey with some spices and cute to its presentation in a pineapple!

Deep Fry St. Peter Fish

Deep Fry St. Peter Fish
It is a cut fish fried with delicious vinegar for dipping.

The Dessert - Brownie Sundae

Brownie Sundae
As a sweet tooth, my mouth is having a party with this! Yes, with a rich fudge, topped with a vanilla ice cream under a crystal-sugar dome and some fruits (apples and strawberry) flavorfully prepared at the sides. It is so heaven! Available this coming Valentine’s!!!

The Drinks - Green Apple Sensation and Ube Keso Smoothie
Green Apple Sensation and Ube Keso Smoothie
Green Apple Sensation is a refreshing drink of green apple with some slices of apples.

Ube Keso Smoothie, as recommended by one of the servers, is a good selection of a not so sweet smoothie with taro flavor and grates of cheese.

Indeed, that’s a sumptuous menu and you have more to choose in the menu.

After that meal, check out the function rooms of Davao Lounge!

Function Room
The function or meeting rooms can be occupied for 4 hours with consumable amount. There’s a meeting room that can accommodate 10 persons worth P5,000 with consumable amount of P4,000. There’s a meeting room that can accommodate 10-12 persons worth P6,500 and also a meeting room that can accommodate 12-15 persons worth P8,500 with respective consumable amount. Aside from that, they have a big well-decorated of elegant furniture function room that can accommodate 70 persons. They have affordable rates to choose from. It is indeed a function that you thought in a hotel but not necessarily in a hotel. It is very nice!
Meeting Room
You may contact Davao Lounge at these mobile numbers +639483294126 or +639776057980 or telephone numbers +6382-333-6717.

I wish more power for Davao Lounge Cafe Restaurant and Business Center with the very sophisticated interiors and delicious food serving!

Thank you, Davao Lounge - Atty Caballero, Chef JL and staff!

Thank you for visiting my avenue,

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