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Me, Sir Vince, Leebai and Pal
credit: Pal Raine
Visiting a place, one of the things that you will ask is, “where is the good place to eat at?” In Davao City, one that I can say where you can find great food at a reasonable price is at TINY KITCHEN - it is a Spanish treat!  Yes, it is one of the places that one can immediately think of.

It maybe a bit intimidating to have Spanish names in the menu as many of us are not used to such names. Well, I got intimidated by the names too but they are familiar with the food description in the menu. Oh well, I just want to eat and do not be intimidated! LOL

It is a good day with my friends and new friend, Sir Vince, for having us at the Tiny Kitchen. By the way, not just a good day but one full-tummy lunch! Thank you very much, Sir!

It is fun to learn more about food. Tiny Kitchen offers a wide variety of dishes that my palate really enjoyed. There are seven (7) dishes that we were served and I will give my top three (3) picks, but rest assured everything is really tasting good!

Sopa Blanco
First of, my third pick is the SOPA BLANCO!

It is a hearty clear soup with shells, shrimps, squid and potatoes. I really like the taste of this clear soup, especially with the seafood in it. I just love it! Well, as of its taste and feel, it is not salty, just right, there is bland after-taste brought by the clams and not too heavy in your tummy. There are also some crunches and soaked croutons in the dish. It is in fact a good starter, for me.

Mechado con Patatas
My second pick is the MECHADO CON PATATAS!

Definitely not a Filipino mechado. It is a Spanish style stew of beef with potatoes. Indeed, this is a must try! The beef is not gummy, perfectly cooked, tender, every bite is heaven plus the sauce has a spice that is perfect with a rice. More rice, please!

Fideua Rojo
My top pick is the very delicious FIDEUA ROJO!

It is an angel hair pasta in tomato sauce, seafoods, chicken and chorizo. This is a classic Spanish pasta dish. The dish is very savory! At first I thought that the pasta is misua (my bad…) but it is not, it is fideua - fine Spanish angel hair noodle. Awesomely, delicious! I cannot stop to scoop after finishing a scoop.

But that’s not all, there are still other delicious servings that we munched such as the, following:

Ensalada de Atun Y Oliva
ENSALADA DE ATUN Y OLIVA, a very good appetizer but, for me, it can be a very good meal! Yes, with the components in it: served with delicious bread, there’s the tuna and olives with the oil - it is a great meal already since it got me full. LOL

Paulina's Salad
PAULINA’S SALAD, a name after Sir Vince’s daughter, is a very healthy salad. I really liked the pesto dressing of this! It is very fresh, as you can feel and hear the crunch of the vegetables and yes, the pesto is the best!

Al a Basque Con Patatas
AL A BASQUE CON PATATAS, is another seafood treat from tiny kitchen, based with savory tomato sauce.

Paella Verdura
PAELLA VERDURA, a vegetable paella. This one is really good especially for those non-meat eaters - there’s the asparagus, potatoes, squash and mushroom. Yum-yum!

The serving is good for sharing for 3-4 individuals. Yes, the serving is generous and will really make you full after eating. Aside from that, there are choices of desserts too with Dulce Vida Cakes.

Strawberry Cheesecake
Brazo de Mercedez Cheesecake
Caramel Cheesecake
Dulce Vida has three branches, one in F. Torres St., Azuela Cove and near the Philippine Women’s College in Davao City.

They have a variety of cheesecakes to choose from! They have caramel cheesecake, brazo de mercedez cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, and others. Then, they have the YOLO cake of several layers of chocolate cake, mousse and peanut butter.
It is indeed very fun exploring food. A cup of tea will help you to balance yourself from the experience. Oh yeah! Thank you Tiny Kitchen and Dulce Vida! Until next time! :-)

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