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In this time of pandemic, most of us are affected. Ordinary citizens, businessmen, industries and many others have become victims of economic shutdown brought by lockdowns or community quarantine. However, we have to continue with our life activities to survive. Good thing that digital solutions are available to help bounce back from a conventional processes to a digital one. Good to note that Globe Business offers digital solutions to help MSMEs in the country.

Recently, Globe Business has conducted a learning session which has taught many on what services that are available with Globe Business. Good to know that applications in the healthcare industry for information system is already available and can be customized for data management and conduct of e-health to reach patients who opt not to go to any clinics or hospitals. In that way, their health can still be monitored. For the business sector, there are many e-commerce applications that can be of help such as Amber, Cloud Payroll, Vehicle Tracker and among others to help business survive without making so much physical contact.

Here's the story about the event that happened:

Globe Business backs Supply Chain and Healthcare MSMEs in Visayas, Mindanao

As supply chain and healthcare industries in Visayas and Mindanao pivot their businesses from the effects of the pandemic, Globe Business backs up MSMEs in these regions with digital solutions, providing customers safer, reliable and more convenient ways to move their goods and care for their health.

Driving value and growth in the supply chain sector

Globe Business’ M2M Fleet Management System allows for robust collaboration between businesses, suppliers and distributors, by enabling businesses to conveniently monitor deliveries and cargo status and locations in real time, simply thru a laptop or mobile phone. This easy tracking helps both sellers and buyers feel secure and know their packages are being reliably routed.

“Companies that gain complete control over their fleets will cut down late deliveries, and spoilage, and protect their shipment against theft, tampering and accidents, and subsequently drive more value and growth for their business,” said Michiko Castaneda, Industry Marketing Head for Supply Chain at Globe Business.

Globe Business also works with several partners to offer unique perks and bundles to encourage more MSMEs to go digital. Ninja Van offers businesses 15% discount on its all-you-can-fit pouches at a flat price; online fashion portal Zalora waived fees and reduced commission rates on top of providing dedicated onboarding and account support; and e-commerce platform Lazada, offers dedicated onboarding, free photoshoot and e-store collateral for SMEs.

Optimizing health IT to reinvent patient care

On the healthcare front, Globe Business has launched the Hospital Information System, offered in partnership with health tech expert HyBrain. This system allows hospitals to automate medical, financial, logistical and administrative processes, including billing and hospital admissions, so healthcare professionals can focus on giving the best patient care.

“Helping healthcare institutions digitize their operations with our solutions provide them a host of benefits: it digitally manages patient information and medical history; improves patient satisfaction through shorter admission and discharge time; enhances inventory and accounting accuracy and increases compliance rate with government requirements,” said Manelle Cousart-Suyat, Industry Head for Health care of Globe Business.

Globe Business is at the forefront of driving digital transformation in different industries across the country. As a staunch supporter of MSMEs, especially in the most vulnerable areas, it is committed to provide learning and access to business solutions that empower them to own their success.

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With the changes of processes, turning digital is something that most of us should be able to adapt. It really has a big help. Thus, there has to be a reliable source of mobile data or internet connection to reach far flung areas. Good to know that the Philippines is catching up with those communication gaps and hopefully infrastructures for communications will be completed. So far, for me, I really do enjoy digital lifestyle, less of cash to carry and everything can be done on our fingertips.

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