Food | Enjoyed Festive Eats at Dusit this Kadayawan Season

Chef Destriza Presenting the Tribal Dishes

dusitD2’s Madayaw Café showcases the authentic cuisines of the tribes in Davao region in indulgent assisted buffet spreads this August.

Food is always a good idea. 

With all stringent measures in place and the conscious implementation of new normal guidelines, dusitD2’s Madayaw Café still aspires to make Kadayawan season a good experience by dedicating a menu to the local tribes of Davao region. “The festival should highlight the tribes and their culture, and that’s what we have strived to achieve and share to our guests. We might not be able to celebrate fully, so we try to give celebratory indulgence through our offers,” says Chef Alex Destriza.

Kagikit from the Maguindanao tribe

Linotlot nga Nonno from Jangan tribe

Linotlot na Baka (Palaka) from Ubo Manovo

This August, Madayaw Café has “Festive Eats” and “Kadayawan Brunch” on its line-up of restaurant offers. Festive Eats is an assisted dinner spread from August 12-14 and August 19-21, 2021. The two-week special menu is available from 5PM – 8PM at Php 994 net per person. 

Highlighting the dishes of the tribes, the menu has a good combination and variety for all guests. Palapa and Pairen a seda a barilis are some appetizers and salad from the Maranaw Tribe. From the Tausug tribe, Chef Alex and is culinary team has a Tiyula Itum or Black Beef Soup, and Pialam/Steamed Fish and Piassak/Cow Liver for the main dishes. Other featured dishes are Sinagupan or yellow rice is from the Kalangan tribe, Linotlot nga Nonno/Shrimp cooked in bamboo is from the Bagobo Tagabawa tribe, Linutlot nga baki/Farmed frogs cooked in bamboo from the Ovu Manuvo tribe, and Landang from the Maguindanao tribe.

Assorted Tribal desserts

Desserts are also something to look forward to in the spread. Wadjet Makadurian (durian rice cake from the Sama tribe), Palikambing (or Tibobol - fried banana ball from the Tausug tribe), Daral (crêpe-like delicacy filled with sweetened coconut meat from the Tausug tribe), and durian fritters can be indulged during the offer dates. 

For those who are fond of Sunday brunches, there is a Kadayawan Brunch available on August 15, 2021, from 10:30AM – 3PM. Tribal dishes and desserts are also in the menu, matched with other restaurant favorites. This is available at 994 per person. 

“With our team fully vaccinated and with all our safety guidelines in the property, we hope our guests feel safer and more confident as they dine and stay as well with us this August. I personally appreciate the effort of the team to show the cultures of the region, as I am learning so much from it too,” says Hotel Manager Christoph Kuch. 

For dining reservations and other inquiries, guests may e-mail or call (082) 272 7500.


This is one of my favorite seasons in Davao City, the Kadayawan season because there's abundant of fruits and cultural activities. Good also that DusitD2 Hotel Davao is offering Festive Eats at Dusit through Madayaw Cafe. Glad to have attended also the launch of this Kadayawan offering that I also have the opportunity to vlog about, CLICK HERE FOR THE VLOG.

Thank you very much for visiting my avenue,

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