Event | KonekTayo Wifi and GoWifi Official Launch in Davao City in Partnership with Globe

Virtual Event on KonekTayo Wifi and GoWifi Launch in Davao City

It is a great day in the City of Davao as Globe, in partnership with the local government unit, officially launched the KonekTayo Wifi and GoWifi that will be available in many public spaces in the city. Davao City is among the expansion areas for Globe's GoWifi and KonekTayo services in region. Since 2020, amidst the pandemic, acquisition efforts have continuous been robust, as well as permitting activities were conducted to serve initially six (6) communications or abour 14,800 households in Davao.

GoWifi services will be provisioned for the Davao City Hall (which is now operational) and the People's Park area to serve visitors and constituents in the area in accessing internet while having transactions in the public vicinity. With this development, users are expected to experience a fast, reliable and affordable wifi services.

On the other hand, KonekTayo Wifi will be installed in the area of Bucana, Sana and SIR Village 1 & 2. This is indeed a great opportunity to connect to the internet with a reliable source.

The event was graced by the city officials of Davao City including Hon. Sebastian Duterte, Vice Mayor of Davao, executives of Globe Telecom including Ms. Issa Cabreira and Mr. Peter Maquera who also initiated the pressing of the button for the start of the KonekTayo Wifi and GoWifi in the city. During the event also, messages from Hon. Sara Duterte and Sir Ernest Cu were given and listened by the virtual audience.

It is another milestone by Globe in Davao City with hashtags #GlobeLovesDavao #LifeIsHere!

Congratulations to both parties, the Local Government of Davao and Globe Telecom!

To more partnerships and projects in the City of Davao!

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