Artworks at Davao International Airport

Yaman Kayamanan
I have fascination on artworks wherever it is installed or situated. It portrays a deep sense of human's soul and imagination put into a multimedia or any form of visual art.

At Davao International Airport, I noticed a painting at the hallway going towards the airport gates 6 to 8. The artwork project that is entitled "Yaman Kayamanan"  conceptualized and organized by Kublai Milan - one of Mindanao's best visual artists. The artwork is a compilation of 18 images with the participation of different artists, namely: Anton Candayona III, Nina Custodio, Boboy Buenaventura, Jeff Bangot, Victor Dumaguing, Kublai Milan, Jun Cayas, Jon Traya, Rosamond Alejar and Stella Estremera. This project is supported by the Department of Tourism through Assistant Secretary Art Boncato and the Alex Montanez of APM Group of Companies.

Mindanao is culturally and environmentally rich that this artwork wants to depict. It shows people of Mindanao and a simple way of living and practices. It also shows the gift of nature from its vast lands and seas. This mural painting is said to be a gift of the people from Mindanao especially by Dabawenyos to the people of this country and the rest of the world to celebrate abundance.

This artwork will help a lot in the promotion that Mindanao is a great island and not a battlefield. It will show to the world that there is a loud outcry that there are people existing in peace in this side of the country. I hope that you will also take time to look at this artwork inside Davao International Airport. Enjoy!

Hope to hear from you guys and thank you for passing by my avenue,

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