Stop at the 'BookStop'

Bookstop at Intramuros
The Walled City of Manila or popularly known as Intramuros, is the place of a bookstop is installed. :-)

Erected in front of the Manila Cathedral and Palacio del Gobernador wherein the Commission on Elections or Comelec operates it office, the bookstop is visible. It is pretty accessible to all people it may be tourists, employees nearby, students, bystanders and even street children.

Instruction in Using the Books at BookStop
There is an instruction posted inside the bookstop. It says that you can borrow a book one at a time either read it inside the bookstop or within the park and return it to the shelves afterwards. Actually before going here, I was thinking of borrowing a book and read it home and return it as soon as I finish. However, it is not a formal library wherein somebody can ask for your identification to know where they can catch you if the book is not yet returned. Still, this is something new in the metropolis that is for FREE. I am not able to read somewhere if the place needs a donation for the maintenance but this is a cool structure with a touch of an architect. :-)

On my visit, I saw some street children reading or perhaps just scanning some books or comics. I hope one day, this will be a place for some street children to learn how to read, write and count. Hopeful on that aspect. :-)

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