Food | Tummy Engagement in Tandag City, Surigao del Sur

Food is really something that I look after in a place. Something that will definitely identify itself from the rest of the places I visit whether during field work or personal travel. Yes, it is something that will make me remember a place, but just a disclaimer, I am not a food critique; I just eat. hahaha

Tandag City is located at the province of Surigao del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines. A city near the seashore and I expected of some seafood, yet I won't be that choosy if seafood is not available. It is my first time in Tandag and I wanted to experience a very great meal. :-)

Buttered Chicken
The place where we eat is near the bay and it is a decorated bay that when the dark is on, the bay is colorfully awesome with the lights of the light posts dancing in different colors. That is one of their distinct attractions at night, as I saw it on the travel ad of Department of Tourism Region XIII. Oh well, I missed that because we only have an afternoon to stay and we need to travel for another site to visit. 

Pancit Bihon
Anyways, that hot lunch afternoon - our tummy is already calling out for food to nourish our bodies. The menu has a variety to choose from. Together with me, my workmates, we are hungry and so we just asked our host (a workmate as well) of what the restaurant can serve best with our hungry tummies on. We then choose the following: pancit bihon, seafood gambas and buttered chicken. For the dessert, a special halo-halo.

Here's the verdict. LOL

Seafood Gambas
Okay, I am not a food critique... But I just want to share how the food tastes. :-)

So far, so good!

I would say that the buttered chicken is really good. Well-buttered and not very oily. However, the pancit bihon and seafood gambas failed to make me smile. The bihon and the seafood don't taste bad but something is really missing. The pancit bihon is fine but there is dullness with its taste, perhaps some spices are missing to make me indulge on it - or that is just how they do it. The seafood gambas' presentation is good and served sizzling, but I expected a gambas to be spicy, but this one is not. That is what is missing in this dish. Among the viand, well, I still can say the food is good, some spices are just missing to add up on the tastes.
Special Halo-halo

Now, the dessert.

Many know that I am a sweet tooth. This special halo-halo will surely make me giggle for a sugar rush. Presentation wise, it is very inviting and photogenic. hahaha It has enough mixes combined to a usual halo-halo and what makes it special is the ube ice cream. However, this is not that great, though. As I have been a fan of halo-halo with finely crushed ice, this one missed that degree of fineness. On my own opinion, halo-halo with finely crushed ice doesn't water that much even after the dessert is served more than 15 minutes already. Crushed ice like in this halo-halo creates a bowl of cold soup with mixes in it. Then, it misses the point of being special - the ice cream doesn't have the fullness and creaminess that I expect of an ice cream. Yet and yet, I consumed it. It is still a food to eat and I am hungry. LOL

Hey! Don't get me wrong, the food is good. It is just some factors are missing to make the food perfect to my taste buds. Well, the food trip is just short and it was fun! :-)

Thank you for visiting my avenue, I will greatly appreciate comments, if any.


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