Travel | Changi International Airport Part 1

Changi International Airport of Singapore is one of the international airports that I really adore. It is in fact always among the top airports in the world: very efficient, well-managed, well-decorated, and very entertaining. Yes, waiting for a connecting flight will not bore you in this airport - it has something to offer to travelers.

The airport has three terminals that is connected by a monorail train or you can opt to ride a bus going to the other terminals. Among the terminals, I constantly visit terminals 1 and 2. Both terminals entertain and amaze my eyes. Who won't be, especially when you are accustomed with Ninoy Aquino International Airport (oh yes, not the best)...

This post will come in two parts and I will somehow tour you in some of Changi's corners.

Singapore recently celebrated its 50th year as a country. One of the areas that makes me travel around Singapore without getting out the airport is seeing these dioramas of Singapore's tourist attractions. I have 9 photos to share here but that's not all. There are more that Singapore can offer. However, these dioramas are greatly appreciated and very inviting to tourists or business people.

Here are the photos, to wit:
1) Singapore Botanic Gardens. I haven't gone here yet but I know this is a beautiful place to walk around and see a lot of Southeast Asian botanical species. I know that my mother will love to visit here. :-)
Singapore Botanic Gardens
2) Singapore Sentosa. Oh yes, one of my favorite places wherein you can see the biggest merlion and the Universal Studious Singapore. Sentosa is a big place and a day is just enough to go around here.
Singapore Sentosa
3. Singapore Marina Bay Sands. You see that ship on top of the building, oh yes, that's it! Marina Bay Sands! This is one of the famous tourist attractions in Singapore and actually there are nearby attractions too. Get ready with your camera and shoot! :-)
Singapore Marina Bay Sands
4. Singapore Art Museum. Museums are among my top picks when visiting a country, just to take a closer look of a country's history or art and their people. Haven't been here too but hopefully will have a chance to go here.
Singapore Art Museum 
5. Singapore Cultural Trail. I often pass this place by bus or by train. Haven't completely walk around and soon will be walking around these corners and shop a bit. hahaha
Singapore Cultural Trail
6. Singapore Esplenade. This is an open stretch wherein people can walk with bougainvillea as vegetation - so pink and blooming. Nearby is the Durian Dome wherein it houses some digital visual artworks. :-) 
Singapore Esplenade
7. Singapore Flyer. Oh yes, a Ferris wheel! Strategically placed to see the whole of Singapore and nearby Malaysia at its top area. However, I will not opt riding here, instead, I will go to the place. hahaha
Singapore Flyer
8. Singapore River Safari. Where is this at? I am just able to visit the Singapore Night Safari when touring a family. This is cool. :-)
Singapore River Safari
9. Singapore Gardens by the Bay. Did you see those alien-like huge flowers lit beautifully through solar power? Oh yes, oh yes!!! That's at the Gardens by the bay... The area is very big yet you can prominently see these structures and a very good place - very scenic, too. Still, I haven't been here! hahaha
Singapore Gardens by the Bay
Of those places shown in dioramas, I have visited just a few. Will surely be back and walk along those places and will post it here and not just these dioramas. Singapore has more to offer, as I said earlier. These dioramas will surely give you an idea of places where to visit in Singapore. I just hope that there is something like this in the Philippines - calling the Department of Tourism and the Airports Authority - in showcasing significant tourist attractions in our airports. :-)

Alright, that's a quick tour. :-)

I hope you had fun reading this part. This is just a portion of Changi. Await at the 2nd part.

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