Sport | Mall Archery Range in Davao City

Eyeing the Target
Earlier this year, I have posted about a place in Davao City that will be flocked by aspiring archers, here.

Yes, I did try to unleash the archer in me. Lol

On the first try, those who will try to do archery are asked to read and sign a waiver. It says of the rules and understanding about the sport. So, no worries of signing the waiver, it will cause no harm. :-)
Targets to Choose
It is an indoor archery range. There are six (6) targets to choose from. There is also a demarcation line wherein archer's distance from the target is set. The cheapest option for the sport is two hundred pesos (P200), for twenty (20) arrows. The gears such as the arm protector and the bow and arrows are included in the payment. You will also be given instructions how to handle the bow, how to put arrows, what's the purpose of the arm protector, how to sight the target and how to position yourself to do the sport. That is pretty awesome, right?!! So, I, for myself, tried it! It will really be an exhausting pull of the bow if you are not used to stretching. Lol

I have done this two times already. First, out of curiousity, I am alone. Second, I brought my colleagues at the archery range, like a dozen. We enjoyed it!

Target Hits
During the first time, arrows were hitting everywhere in the target and even out of the target. Understandable, since it is my first time. On the second try, with my colleagues, there is a huge improvement. I have hit more arrows on the target constantly. It feels good! I feel that I belong to an archer family. Also, the play with my colleagues is like a training of archers from a familiar game like the Clash of Clans and Warcraft. It is really a fun-filled experience. ;-)

I know you also have that curiosity of how to play archery. That is also a sport known internationally, but of course the bows that will be used will somehow be different yet the concept is the same. Trying this is pretty awesome! It is just located at the activity center of one of the malls in Davao City. Who knows, you might be the next Katnis, Hawkeye or Legolas. ;-)

Thank you for dropping by my avenue, I hope you enjoyed it and drop some comments. ;-)

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