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Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2016
Kadayawan sa Davao is on its 31st celebration in Davao City. Yes, the most festive and colorful festival in Davao City is again in celebration of abundance and culture of people residing the city. The ten (10) tribes of Davao City is to be remembered during this celebration and thanksgiving of abundant harvest is what Kadayawan essentially is about. Originally, this celebration is called APODUWALING, in which, the celebration emphasizes the royalties of Davao: King of all mountains in the Philippines - Mt. Apo; King of all fruits in the Philippines - Durian; and Queen of all flowers in the Philippines - Waling-waling. Now, it is known the Kadayawan which has gotten its name from the Mandaya term for beautiful, which is, "madayaw". This is a very beautiful celebration of life! Since, in Davao City: Life is Here!

Anyways, it might be one in your bucket list to celebrate Kadayawan sa Dabaw. This is always a week-long celebration every 3rd week of August. This year's celebration will be on August 15-21, 2016. The photos you see are credited to the City Government of Davao, Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2016 organizers and the City Information Office of Davao. The next photo is the Calendar of Official Events. Check it out and try fit it in your schedule. :-)
Calendar of Events for Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2016
Aside from the events during Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2016 celebration, to make it more fun, you can participate in for the photography contest. The contest is named Hulagway sa Kadayawan 2016 or Faces on Kadayawan. The mechanics of photography contest is as follows. :-)

Mechanics of the Photography Contest: Hulagway sa Kadayawan 2016
This year's Kadayawan sa Dabaw will surely be a spectacular event. There are other activities during the celebration that the private sector arranged. There will be some street party and city-wide mall sale. If only I can go home to participate in the celebration, yet I am one in spirit with this very beautiful celebration in the southern part of the Philippines!

Madayaw! Enjoy the Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2016!

Thank you for visiting my avenue, :-)

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