Travel | First 5 Things I Observed in Yangon, Myanmar

Scwhedagon Pagoda
Myanmar is known to be the land of golden pagodas. Very scenic at night and the pagodas are well lit that make it more vibrant. Yet, Myanmar isn't just about those pagodas; there are things you will observe and will catch your interest.

First and foremost, prior my visit to Yangon, I just want to see in person the Scwhedagon Pagoda - that massive, vibrant golden pagoda. It is like the profile photo of Yangon in Myanmar. Yangon is the former capital and serves as the main gateway for international flights to Myanmar. On my visit, I notice things, small interesting things that will make you think of visiting Myanmar is a must in your bucket list. Thus, here I share the first five (5) things that caught my attention.

Birds on Electric Wires
First, upon checking the streets of Yangon, somewhere in Lathar township, it can be observed that the city has a lot of birds. Yes, you will see crows and pigeons at the electric wires. They fly freely from one post to another; from one building to another; and from trees to another. Fairly, the birds are not disturbed with the existence of buildings and people around.

Single Tricycle
Second, I have seen cute tricycle. Cute as it can accommodate single passenger and you will be a bit intimate with the driver. I am not sure if it is only in Yangon where to see such mode of transportation. Other transportation options in Yangon are the buses, taxis and train. I only have tried the taxi from the airport to my hostel and bus from my hostel to the airport. I have seen their train station but seldom English speakers are there and so I haven't attempted to ride in it going to the airport. Accordingly to the receptionist from my hostel, the train is very slow.

Male with Thanaka
Woman with Thanaka

Third, the thanaka on the faces. At first, I thought that what they put on their faces are white powder not properly spread like a foundation. I am surprised that it is spread not only on the face but also in their arms. Both men and women apply it. Some are put artistically, while others, I think, just put it on their faces just to put something. I am clueless actually about it and I am able to know about it after asking the hostel receptionist. He even thought if I wanted to buy. LOL

Male Accustomed Wear in Myanmar

Equality at its Best
Fourth, the male Burmese wears a skirt: the truest form of equality among men and women, I believe. Oh well, we have our own opinion about it and I respect such culture. Male Burmese people are used of wearing it and it is their fashion partnered with polo shirt, t-shirt or longsleeves. Usually also, they wear slippers or sandals than shoes.

Lastly, this is something that confuses me: right-hand vehicles on left-hand designed streets. It is a bit crazy but that's how they are used to. People will need to cross the street before getting into bus. People will need to go to the middle of the street to get in the front seat of a taxi. Yet, some vehicles are right-hand but can get passengers on board through the right side as well. It is a matter of design.
Yangon Streets and Vehicles - Right-hand Cars and Left-hand Roads
Yangon Streets and Vehicles - Right-hand Cars and Left-hand Roads

Oh yes, I conquered Yangon for 2 days. However, I regret not able to visit Bagan City. Well, soon, I will be back there and hopefully cross borders of nearby countries.

I hope you enjoyed this visit. Thank you for visiting my avenue,

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