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My mother and I have a great bonding in one of the world's biggest 3D painting gallery in the Philippines. The whole space has been used much and maximized for such art entertainment. It is a tourist destination for fun interaction with the humongous artworks!
Art in Island at the Heart of the Metro
Somewhere in the northern part of Metro Manila where this gallery is situated. You really need to have an imaginative mind to play around the images as the artworks are more than a human size, well-lit and plays with your cameras. Be sure to bring along a relative or friends because selfie-ing is a big NO interacting with the images. You can't capture the whole view unless you will settle with a tripod positioned on suggested points in the gallery. LOL

Let's Enter the Artworks!
A registration fee has to be paid at the entrance area. There is a map guide going inside. It is prohibited wearing footwear aside from socks inside. I advise you to wear socks as much as possible since the floor will be uncomfortably cool.

Gigantic Octopus!
Surf without Getting Wet
The gallery is divided into zones. There are five (5) zones namely: aqua zone, animal zone, masterpiece zone, religion zone and fantasy zone. Aside from these zones, there are special areas too such as season's area and the central hall which a very big room of artwork!

Text with the Monkeys
It is really a cool (literally and figuratively) place to bond with relatives or friends. Just a bit pricy though yet the visit is very worthy every zone, actually priceless! The artworks are really magnificent! A fun place to be at especially to people who love to capture moments with the artworks.

Controlled like a Doll
Gonna Go on the Other Side
However, there are concerns I have in the gallery. Will the artworks last forever? Will the same glow of the artworks remain year after year? Should the artists who created the gallery do frequent maintenance efforts? Well, I know they know what to do. :-)

Fight the Fire-breathing Monsters
Hide from the Giants
This season of joy, may the art in island mermerize many families and tourists visiting the place. Like me and my mom, we definitely enjoyed it. Hurray!

Bond with the Arts
I hope you enjoyed your visit in my avenue,

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