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Get rid with my title...too fancy! LOL

The Philippines is a tropical country in the Southeast Asia Region. With this geographic location, the country experiences two seasons: dry (summer) and wet (rainy) seasons. A tropical person would want to experience something different such as experiencing winter, spring and fall. It has been a very familiar music in my ears that has the lyrics about these seasons 'winter, spring, summer or've got a friend'. Aside from that song, a lot of Korean television series has been an avenue to show the beauty of South Korea - a very good way to promote their place and it has been an influence for me to aspire coming to the country! However, my main drivers to go to  South Korea are some of my friends. Also, their history and culture are very interesting. Actually, it is among the places I really want to visit and of course, the visa is free for Filipinos staying below 60 days. Check the application requirements here.

There are several things I wanted to do in Seoul, South Korea:
1) Wear an traditional Korean attire or the hanbuk;
2) Visit cultural and historical places (the 5 palaces, shrine, and traditional villages);
3) See the sakura in person;
4) Visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ);
5) Visit their Museum;
6) Navigate in their subway system;
7) Tour around Incheon International Airport (one of the world's best);
8) Visit the romantic N Seoul Tower;
9) Shop and eat at Myeongdong Street;
10) Eat authentic Korean dishes; and
11) Visit some of their themed parks.

Those are only a few of the things I wanted to do in Seoul. Yes, just in Seoul for this tour! Yet, I am told that there are more to do especially going out Seoul and experience the natural beauty of South Korea. Oh wow, this is just the beginning of my blog about my visit in South Korea.

Tips: 1) You get free maps at the airport. Grab the opportunity to learn about the city and places to visit nearby. 2) Bringing cash for conversion is good but better have your ATM card and get some cash from an ATM at the airport once to fight conversion losses and just pay a bit of bank charges not exceeding 200 pesos. 3) Download subway navigation application and enjoy using it with your smartphone real-time even without an Internet connection.

More to come here at my avenue, Enjoy!

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