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Venetian Inspired Christmas Tree
The longest Christmas season is felt in the Philippines every year. It starts as early as September - the start of "ber" months, and count down for Christmas - and ends on the celebration of the Three Kings or Epiphany. That means a celebration from September to January!

Decorations at Ayala Avenue
Streets, buildings, churches, houses and malls are decorated with symbols of Christmas added with designs that help people flock to those vicinity and take photo opportunity. It is often something to anticipate as it excites millions of people in the country. Aside from the decorations, Christmas songs are also played. It may be the busiest season, it is also the jolliest!

Symphony of Lights in Ayala Triangle 2016
The waiting is getting nearer as the 9 mornings are celebrated before Christmas. It is also something that is expected when the puto bumbong and bibingka are sold just outside the churches. There are lots of parties anywhere and everywhere; people are bringing gifts from company celebrations or extending arms to less fortunate individuals.

Baclaran Church
In the Philippines, Christmas season is something to look forward. Some landmarks are well-decorated year after year. Hope you can view the videos below!

This year's symphony of lights is a 5-minute stretch of lights and sounds and plays around 7 in the evening. As always, it plays Christmas songs in a modern way with lights following the rhythm of the music - lights on and off. The most interesting part is the techno section in which the laser lights form a holographic visuals: you can view it in the second video. Cool, isn't it? This is among the places that people flock and keep still to capture a video of this magnificent show. This is free for everybody! There may be no white Christmas in the Philippines, this place in Makati will surely fulfill your fantasy of a glamorous and glittery Christmas! :-)

Anyways, have a happy holidays and a prosperous new year to come from my avenue,

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