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Not so long ago, our memories are so sharp, unless it isn't from the start. Anyways, just kidding... Seriously, our memories are better when we are younger and as we age, generally, our memories are a bit relaxing and thus some episodes of forgetfulness.

I am not an expert on neurological activities as to how memories last or pass, but I just want to share some points on how to exercise our memories in simple ways, perhaps just three (3) simple ways. I am sharing this one because I might forget it in the future. :-p

First, remember your password and try not to make computers remember your password. In this digital age, many of us are using social networking sites and even do online transactions like for a bank or other means of money transfer. Registering to these digital platforms will also mean that you have to login your username and password. There is an option for "remember password" among these sites, is it a fortunate or unfortunate option? Well, of course, it is a fortunate option since our memory will be relaxed and it is automatic, when you log to that site, your username and password are there in an instant and all we need to do it click that "login" or "sign in" button. However, it is unfortunate because computers can remember but the users may forget and worst, someone will access your account. I will not imply anything out of one's convenience to choose the "remember password" option. This is just a memory exercise. Every time you want to log in, insert your username and password, manually. For example, you are handling ten (10) online accounts and that would mean different username and password because sometimes it is imperative to change passwords for safety - still, insert your username and password manually. It will exercise our memories, believe me, it is just a simple way of exercising our memories. At first, we can have a copy of those username and password, but eventually, it has to be memorized unless changed.

Second, practice your enumeration skills. During examinations, enumeration is among the toughest memory test. Let's say, you have to enumerate ten (10) items but you only remember half or less than half of it, that really is a big thumbs down! Anyways, we will not do any tests here as we only do some practical practices to exercise our memories. Yes, that is right! Enumeration is not only used during examinations but also in real life situations. If you are already working, perhaps in an office, there are things that you really have to finish before the day ends. First thing we can do is to jot down things to do for that day or simply the "things-to-do" list. Primarily, the product of this exercise isn't about memory exercise but the memory exercise here is before doing things or the ability to enumerate things and achieve a day's work. Among people who can do multi-tasking here, it may be a different story. :-p

Third, increase and practice your vocabulary. Generally, there are ways, practices or words when not practiced are subconsciously forgotten. But in this exercise, we shall be talking about communication, yes, about learning and practicing old or new words. Reading is really a powerful practice to improve and widen our vocabulary. But not all love to read though, but reading helps a lot. If not through reading, play with words with a crossword puzzle or find words in a pool of letters, then look for its meaning in the dictionary afterwards. Why I think it is among the simple ways to exercise our memories? It is because we do communicate everyday and it is really frustrating when people talk then suddenly, out of the blue, an unknown word is used to patch the conversation's lack of words to use or worse the right word is forgotten. I, too, am guilty of this! You know (even though you don't really know what I would mean... LOL).

Anyways, still, I am not implying something out of someone's convenience or nature. I am just simply sharing thoughts of how we can exercise our memories. Simple and doable amidst our busy life existence.

Thank you for spending some time visiting my avenue,! I would appreciate comments, too!

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