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Davao City, situated in Mindanao, Philippines, celebrates Kadayawan sa Davao every 3rd week of August. It is a rich, culturally-inclined festivity highlighting bounty and its people from different tribes of the land. It is only one of the few festivals in Davao City celebrated every year and in my "Davao in a Minute" entry way back 2012, "Eventfully Davao!" (just pardon me with my editing and some content skills during that time...hahaha), you can watch it in the video below. :-p

Anyways, let's focus with Kadayawan!

It is one of the exciting events in Davao City that one can ever experience. However, there are comparison and contrast with other festivities in the country but I am confident with Kadayawan's identity as a festival. Why? It is because it is one of the biggest festivals in the country highlighting bounty and indigenous people; it is very soulful, vibrant and upbringing the city's identity!

This week-long festival highlights indigenous food, games, beauty, dance and music - very wholistic! It stimulates your senses! Aside from that, locals enjoy bounty of fruits and flowers, city-wide mall sale, and others. For this year's event, here is the roster of activities:

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Photo credit to: City Government of Davao City Information Office and Kadayawan sa Davao Committee.

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