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Davao City is not only a place of known exotic fruits like durian, mangosteen and pomelo. It is also home to many interesting restaurants or cafe. If Maginhawa, in Quezon City, is the food haven for foodies; in Davao City, we have F. Torres Street - the way towards interesting food places!

One of these food places is PYRO! It is located at Mabini Complex. It is a humble place serving delectable dishes.

Here are seven (7) among variety of dishes in their menu. Then, I will share my top three favorites! But of course, I will try to make you imagine the taste of each dish. :-p

Warning! Many of their dishes have delicious ingredients like shrimp or crab meat, antihistamine is advised. But if you don't any allergies, enjoy the food!

Thai Shrimp Kebabs
The Thai Shrimp Kebabs. It is the most colorful dish served, very inviting for my tummy! So, it's Thai, I suppose that it's gonna be spicy, but it isn't. There's the shrimp, red bell pepper and pineapples; it taste more of sweetness and none of spiciness, but it is good!

Octopus Salad
The Octopus Salad. It is very interesting! It has crispy sweet potatoes, mango relish, and chops of octopus then pour that sesame ginger vinaigrette! Mix! Mix! Mix! The salad has some crispiness, sweetness, sourness, and bitterness all at once; I am overwhelmed as the tastes fight against each other and the octopus is not gummy! Yum yum yum! It is the best salad for me, so far. By the way, this salad is included with the Kebabs without the octopus. :-)

Shrimp and Aligue Pasta
The Shrimp and Aligue Pasta. Wait! Superb!!! In lieu of pork or beef, shrimp and aligue compliments well with the pasta! A must try! Really, only at Pyro!

Baby Back Ribs
The Baby Back Ribs. Excuse me, I will have this plate and talk to you later (hahaha). It is a complete meal! There is this soft, tender meat partnered with rice. Solved!

Pyro Fried Chicken Basket
The Pyro Fried Chicken Basket. It doesn't seem very attractive outside but hey, don't judge a food by it's crispy cover! It has this interesting taste as you bite on it. There is a spice which I cannot say what, as my taste buds recognize only a few spices but they say it is paprika. I don't know really, but it is interesting!

Philly Beef Bulgogi Cheese Steak
The Philly Bulgogi Cheese Steak. The look is very familiar from a sandwich food place I know somewhere but this is prepared differently. The mozzarella cheese oozes to the perfectly grilled beef bulgogi, and the bread is just perfect for it, though I wanted it more toasted. Then, fries at the side, it is a meal for me. *Burp* Excuse me!
Ice Cream
The Ice Cream. This serving has four (4) flavors: tableya (chocolate), milk tea, butter beer and spicy squash. It is very interesting, dear. Among the flavors, I loved the tableya, spicy squash and milk tea. The tableya is really tableya chocolate, I just love it so much. Also, I am a tea person, milk tea flavor makes me want to munch more. Then, the spicy squash, it isn't spicy but yummy! Sorry, if I am not with the butter beer because I tasted one at Hogwarts and it is different. (Hahaha) Anyways, this is perfect to sum up the activity.

There you go! The dishes served are pretty awesome. Yet, my top three (3): 1) Shrimp and Aligue Pasta - because it is just really delicious and interesting, 2) Octopus Salad - because the surprise I have with it is awesome, and 3) The Ice Cream - because the kid in me jumped for joy upon tasting it! Hey, everything is delicious! I wish you can also taste what we've tasted.

Pyro Chef with Team DDI
Thank you Davao Food Guide for bringing us to Pyro. Thank you also to the Pyro chef and staff, keep up the FIRE!

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