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Entrance of Damosa Food Fest
Damosa Land Inc. organizes its Damosa Food Fest once a month with a 4-day duration on a weekend. It is located at the Damosa Car Park. It is a place to flock by foodies, those hungry workers and students nearby. A lot of participating food stalls and restaurants from Davao City serving very affordable and quality food. There are seven (7) participating stalls where we have tried their awesome food!
Budoy's Special Buchi

Budoy's Special Buchi. Their buchi oozes with chocolate upon munching it. Yes, it is very delicious! Aside from their buchi, they have served us delectable tempura, dynamite and siomai. All are very good!
Kaizen Davao

Kaizen: Japanese Street Dining. They serve the DU30 Roll and butabara. These are among their best dishes! Surely, it is a must try in the food fest! You gotta try it!
Tita Rosita's

Tita Rosita's. They serve good thirst quenchers. It comes with several flavors. Colorful, isn't it? It has a blue lemonade, peach, green apple and pomelo.


Altitude. They are more of the trampoline park but they also serve good food such as this hawaiian pizza! It has thick crust and a bit heavy but still delicious.


Compass. The Sloppy Joe is a burger that is sloppy. It oozes with the corn kernel and meat. I thought it will be spicy but it isn't, that's just right!

Racoma Tuna

Racoma Tuna. They served us a tuna belly. It is very delicious! The meat is cooked to perfection with its garlic sauce topping is awesome!

Steak ni Juan

Steak ni Juan. They have served us plenty of dishes such as the baby pototoes that is well-seasoned and with great gravy to dip, the corn cob and the t-bone steak! Everything is awesome and really a good food treat!

There are more food stalls offering affordable and tasty food. You gotta catch their schedules!

Thank you to Damosa Land for inviting us! Thank you for visiting my avenue, and if you like it, share it to your friends!

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