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The first day has been a very long and tiring day BUT very FUN! That is why I have all the reason to be excited for the second day in Batanes - A VISIT AT SABTANG! So, here it is...
The Faluwa at Port of Mahatao
It has been an early call-time, around 6 in the morning, to proceed to Mahatao and catch the faluwa (bigger boat) going to Sabtang island. It is a 30-minute rough sail of the faluwa towards the next island and one can name all the saints for protection and guidance crossing the strait. But don't be afraid, the faluwa sways to waves and the captain is an expert! :-p

San Vicente Ferrer Parish
From the port of Sabtang, San Vicente Ferrer Parish will greet the visitors after the rough faluwa ride. It is such a relief seeing the church after a rough sail...naaahhh, just overeacting here, I am very thankful for seeing the beauty of Sabtang! It is such a great experience on the faluwa and then, Sabtang tour is on!
L-R: Tita Ness, Anne, Chie, Grace and me
BISUMI Tour and Services has a good tourist vehicle in the island wherein it is airy, comfortable and you can view the scenery well. Our first stop is among the stone houses in Brgy. Savidug, together with my newly found family. :-p

Since I am a joiner, their group is my companion since day one. Being a joiner is fun! Doing it in Batanes is even more fun! See, I have a new gang... :-p

Anyways, Brgy. Savidug stone houses is our first stop and have much learning about the stone houses. The designs of the houses signify something or has a specific function like as the main house, cooking house, toilet and bath house. The roof is always a thick bundle of a raw material covered with or without a net that can last 25-30 years. This structure can withstand earthquake and strong typhoon. The stone houses are commonly known as the Ivatan house.

The barangay is just a small community wherein tourists can walk along towards a nearby chapel, the Sto. Thomas Aquinas Chapel and some more stone houses with others being reconstructed. It is such a beautiful and serene place to be at. At this area, Juliet has been so creative and she has become our guide, photographer and director! Yes, she is all in one! She has taken a very good panorama of our group in 3 poses in 1 view... Photo below. :-p
Panorama by Juliet; Photo Credit c/o Tita Ness

Me, Wearing Kanayi

From the Brgy. Savidug, we then proceed to Brgy. Chavayan. There are more stone houses and it is where we can rent out an Ivatan protective handicraft: kanayi (for men) and vakul (for women). These are often used during farming or worn to provide warmth during cold rainy season.

Pose at Brgy. Chavayan
Wearing the traditional Ivatan protective handicraft (headgear) is such a cool thing to experience in Batanes. Only that you'll feel some itchiness with the material used, but it isn't an allergen, so no worries.

Ivatan Headgear On
Photo credit: Tita Ness
Brgy. Chavayan is also a small community that tourists can walk along and have those Instagram pose and shot. From here, it is where we have had our so-called, "Runway Sabtang". We have walked like in a fashion runway wearing the Ivatan handicraft. Isn't that amazing?!! Of course, it is!
Way up to the Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint
After such a modeling experience, we proceed to the Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint. The place is hilly which you need to trek a bit and see the beauty after a short while.
Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint
Group Photo at Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint
The place is really gorgeous and photogenic. I am really thankful to our guide, Juliet, for being my photographer and director during this tour. As an amateur photographer, usually, I have photos of beautiful sceneries but without me. During this tour, I have lots of faces. LOL

After the photo opportunity at the viewpoint, back to the nearby cottages. That day of the tour is very hot and thus we need some refreshments. Guess what? Our refreshment is something different. Yeah, only in Batanes. They have free taste of "palek", an indigenous wine. The taste is surprisingly sweet for a fermented wine, I like it actually. You can buy a bottle of in the cottage and aside from the wine is the tubho tea, which I also like, also an indigenous tea.
That is already half of the day trip in Sabtang. We will be back to the northern side of the island where we shall eat our lunch, just nearby our next destination. Great with this tour that we have our lunch every day. You'll have fresh seafoods and other dishes.
Morong Beach
Ahaw (Natural Limestone Arc Formation)
Natural Limestone Arc Formation without anybody
Upon reaching our destination, our food is to be prepared. We are hearing huge waves touching the shore, and oh, the Morong Beach! The beach has white sand and nice waters, actually guests can swim here. But, as for us, we have much poses to do! There is also a natural limestone arc formation at the area. Indeed, such a beauty and natural elegance.
Until then Sabtang, Malakdang Lighthouse in Sight
That is such an experience in Sabtang. Very hot and tiring yet we have so much fun! After lunch, we proceed again to Sabtang Port going back to Mahatao and one of the lighthouses in Batanes that is in our view, the Malakdang Lighthouse.
Sunset on the Second Day
Back in Batan, it is already our free time to spend in our each accommodation. For me, a time to rest the whole afternoon and another chance to return at the view deck where I want to witness another sunset. It is indeed a fun-filled day in Batanes.

Another day to spend the following day!

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I hope you enjoy this post, there's one day more! Stay tune with the update and feel free to share this to your friends. Enjoy your visit in my avenue,!

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