Event | PhilPop 2018: Musicfest of All Genre Across the Country

Men and Women Behind PhilPop 2018
PhilPop 2018 is not just a competition. It’s a festival of talents and learning opportunities - a year-long celebration of original Filipino music. There are set boot-camps for learners who will be taught by experienced mentors in the music industry. It has the goal of keeping the Original Filipino Music composed and heard across the country and the world. This year’s theme is “Music. Powered by Pinoys.” However, this is not the only songwriting competition in the country, but they have the same goal. ;-)

Interesting that the media launch and one of the boot-camps is held in Davao City. Perhaps, there’s an interest of hearing local music or known as indigenous craft, something that is considered as world music. Hopefully, that interest will be high enough to inspire the people of the craft to write and share their music - especially coming from the culturally colorful and soundful island of Mindanao.

The media launch is graced by some digital influencers and media people. During the launch, mentors and fellows of the PhilPop 2018 boot camp Davao leg are present, as well as the great people behind the festival, to name: Mr. Patrick C. Gregorio - Maynilad Senior Vice President and PhilPop Musicfest Foundation Vice Chairman, Mr. Ryan Cayabyab - Board of Trustees of PhilPop Musicfest Foundation, Mr. Jeremy Sarmiento - Muzic’s Kool Inc. President, Mr. Ramon Sumibcay - Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Asian Artists (MAFFAA) Vice President and Ms. Ma. Dinah Remolacio - PhilPop Executive Director.

Songwriting Competition
Team DDI with Mr. C!
The competition is open to all Filipino songwriters, amateur or professional, 16 years and above. Song entries must be original and unpublished. Entries are accepted starting 23 February 2018 to 15 May 2018 through the PhilPop Foundation website www.philpop.com.ph.

What’s new? Songs written in different languages or dialects are accepted. PhilPop will be selecting thirty (30) semi-finalists with five (5) slots each for Visayas and Mindanao songwriters. Their compositions will be promoted across the country within two (2) months. Then, ten (10) finalists will be chosen and the winner will be announced at an outdoor music festival in November this year. A million pesos awaits the winner and it is tax-free. The first runner-up will be receiving half a million pesos (PhP 500,000) and the second runner-up goes home with a fifty of a million pesos (PhP 200,000).

I hope you guys will start to write a song and be heard for this year's PhilPop!


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