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Hear ye, hear ye, behold, seat sale of airlines in the Philippines! Happy Valentine’s! :-)

There are frequent travelers who are very fond of saving up miles that can be used for future travels. Yes, that includes me! In my previous day job, there are domestic travels that helped me save up some points since my work necessitates it. More travel, meaning, more points saved! LOL

Maybe, you ignore some marketing people at the airport presenting cards of several airlines telling about this and that, you earn this and those and etc. But, take it from me, DON’T IGNORE THEM! They are giving you an opportunity to take advantage of perks that you can avail while you enjoy (even not) flying with them. I don’t know if these people are on for a quota but they are giving it for free. You might regret it if one day, having those perks will cost some amount. :-p

Today, Valentine’s Day, some airlines are offering seat sales. Yes, in any destination you want, either domestic or international; just be quick to decide on where to go because airfare discounts like these sell like pancakes. If luck is not with you, try again! But, but, but…always remember that traveling means spending. You have to check your capacity and please do not resort to credit, credit, credit.

Anyways, all I want to say is, I am thankful with some points or miles I have earned before and even now. There are birthday travels I had that I got airfares for free and paying only taxes. There are sudden travel (international), too, that I booked using those points and the taxes covered! Isn’t it amazing?!!

Then, here comes the valentine seat sale, my points wallet is still good and enough, I am able to book two  (2) round trip tickets! One domestic trip that costs 6,000 points (1600 points for the base fare and 4200 points for the taxes) is not bad at all. Then, one international trip that costs 10,000 points (1600 points for the base fare and 8400 points for the taxes) is also not bad at all. Technically, I can say those are free flights! Just be patient in waiting for such perks and you will be glad to use some points or miles to your dream destination.

Always remember, your work may need you to travel a lot, but earning points or miles will reward you someday to your dream destination. Travel to allow yourself explore other areas and learn from there - it will help you widen your horizon. Travel within your means, it will keep your sanity. :-)

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