Food | Interesting Chocolate-infused Meal at AirAsia Flights

The Philippines AirAsia has just revealed its newest dish for its in-flight menu known as Santan. The dish is made by the rockstar chef of the Philippines, Chef JP Anglo, which will be served starting the 12th of April 2018. The dish will be known as the Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce.
Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce
Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce is not an ordinary dish that will be served for a limited time. Yes, the dish is infused with a world-class chocolate of the Malagos chocolates with some sweet chili and soy taste. This is a taste of the Philippines offering in the Santan menu with a very extraordinary fusion of ingredients, but very tasty! Santan menu is a mix of different ASEAN dish favorites like the Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice and Thai Green Curry.

AirAsia's newest in-flight menu will be available among domestic and international flights in the Philippines with the Z2 flight code. There will be an option for passengers to book it online, while purchasing the tickets to save around 20% of its price, or order during the flight - but isn’t guaranteed of availability, better reserve online. So, the option for those who have booked their flights earlier, they can avail of the discounted hot meals by logging in to and select “Manage My Booking”. I am sure that is pretty easy. :-p
Chef JP at the center handling the newest dish with the two all-star beside
According to Chef JP Anglo, the dish is inspired for bringing a home grown product like the Malagos Chocolates to greater heights. The techniques used are also very Filipino like the grilling of the chicken meat and some essential ingredients like the pimiento for caramelization and aroma. The surprise of how it is done mixing the chocolate in the sauce is by adding “bridge” ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar and a special broth. The taste of the sauce is really surprising! I mean, upon tasting it, there’s the spice, chocolate, soy battling for the taste. That’s an experience!

AirAsia as a champion low-cost carrier airline in the region and the Malagos Chocolate as reknowned one of the best chocolates in the world have met in the sky and let the passengers experience the service of AirAsia and taste of the Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce made with the Malagos chocolates.

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