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The Philippines is among the world’s widest user of the world wide web. Yes, approximately 67 million internet users doing a surf in this vast world. Given this kind of statistics and lifestyle, have you ever asked yourself how you act in the internet? Who are you in the world wide web? Or how do you use your mobile data? Perhaps, let’s do this often and Globe #makeITsafePH campaign be one of your advocacies.

At the start of the 21st century, using the computer and internet had been part of the curriculum. Students were taught of basic computer applications and how to use the internet; during those times, we used dial-up connection.

Well, in this digital age, there’s a rapid change of connectivity. We observe it from a dial-up to wifi connection and even using mobile data anytime, anywhere. May I borrow some words from a familiar action movie, Spiderman: “with great power comes great responsibility.” It is true even to this very day and even in the future. Getting inspiration from these words, #makeITsafePH urges us to be responsible netizens.

But how do you use your mobile data? Many usually use their mobile data for entertainment of all kinds and social media accounts - it can be all day and all night. That has always been the case but should not always be the case. It can be seen that many are using social media accounts for communicating with friends, officemates and even dating. Aside from social media accounts, many play some online games connecting with the world.

However, there's so much that can be done with your mobile data. You can do research, blogging, influence people with factual information, do online transactions to pay bills and others, thus, making your mobile data usage PRODUCTIVE!

Using the mobile data is empowering people to share any information. Yes, any information that needs to be factual. Aside from being factual, it should be responsibly disseminated. Thus, we need to #makeITsafePH.

More over, we really need to cleanse a bit of some habits of sharing unverified things. There has to be a mindful culture of things done online. It can affect you, your family and even a community. To have a safer community, reality and virtually, make a healthier online habit always. Cheers!

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