Travel | Bigger Show Arena at the Davao Crocodile Park

Orange Kisses His Daddy (trainer)
Traveling to Davao City, one of the parks that will surely be part of one’s itinerary is the Davao Crocodile Park. It is the nearest park in the city with an animal encounter: you can touch some reptiles, feed some birds and fishes. Those are just among the experiences you will have when you are in the park.
Pangil: Largest Living Crocodile in the Philippines
The park is home to lots of crocodiles. Aside from that, the park is considered a rescue center of some species surrendered and needing some care before they are released back to the wild. That is a very noble work of the park’s crew and everybody in the organization! Well, that is part of the park’s mission: to increase awareness of wonderful species in the country and introduce some animal ambassadors to represent the animal kingdom for a close encounter.
Davao Crocodile Park New Arena
Just recently, the Davao Crocodile Park has launched its bigger arena for their Save Our Species animal presentation! Yes, a bigger space that can accommodate around 800 pax; an arena that is way way bigger than the former. The show is shown every day at 10 in the morning and you will enjoy the 45-minute animal entertain. :-)

I enjoyed this show so much and getting acquainted with the animals is such a lovely experience! At the beginning of the show is the parade of animals. They look very adorable!!! Yes, they do it flawlessly.
Alexis the Eagle
The mighty eagle (alexis) spreads its wings and fly freely in the airspace of the arena with the trainer’s cue - that’s very cool! Aside from alexis, the hornbill (bill) shows its very colorful characteristic and flies freely in the arena, too! Then, check out the source of your civet coffee, civet (teddy) slowly crawls at a branch in the arena - that’s cute!
Trainer and Scopy
Then, a nocturnal friend is awake, the owl (scopy) will show you its cuteness! Another nocturnal friend is still awake, bat (batman) flies and hangs where the trainer is.
Benie the Bearcat
Next, I got amazed with the bearcat (benie). Benie crawls in a branch and eats upside down. Well, he is really putting up a good show there. I have been saying about crawling animals… Well, lo and behold, the snakes (lala and lulu) might be just at your own necks. :-p

The cutest of them all, hey there dear orangutan (orange)! Orange acts like a child. He is respectful and loving.

I really enjoyed the show as an adult. I really do! Encounter with animals really interests me. Well, I have some few evidences here…
Scopy and me
Pangil and me
Me and Harby
Aside from the animal show, you’ll witness Pangil’s might with the giant crocodile encounter. Not only that, during the feeding time, you can observe the tiger (sultan) climb. You can see a lot of feeding in the park, in which, feeding the crocodile is one and see them dance, too! Another feeding session can be with the ostriches and the fishes!
Crocodile Dance
In the park, the lizard’s area, you’ll observe the model pose’s of the huge iguanas. You can also catch the humungous big shell tortoise (harby)  inside and have a chance to get that selfie with it. Turtles are also there doing some poses, too. The iguanas have a competitor at this side of the park. LOL
Iggy's Pose
At the park, every weekends, a specutacular fire show will be showcased. This is one of my favorites because they have a different choreography! It is like having some fire ritual at the riverbank which is significant for the early settles of the Davao river. It is shown every 4 in the afternoon of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Sultan the tiger
Aside from the main crocodile park, you can enjoy exploring other sections in the vicinity. Try to see the butterflies at the Davao butterfly house and immerse yourself in the indigenous people’s houses at Tribu K’ Mindanawan. If you feel hungry, there are places to eat, too! Experience exotic food and have a happy tummy - a boodle fight is interesting!
Boodle Fight
Have I shared too much? Well, that is why Davao Crocodile Park is really one of the destinations in Davao CIty. You’ll enjoy the place as I have enjoyed it!

Thank you Davao Crocodile Park for this experience! Thank you Sir Brent (marketing-in-charge), Ma’am Shane (show presentor) and Dr. Gideon (resident veterinarian) for accompanying us! Thank you also for visiting my avenue,!