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Starbucks Travel Organizer for the Seaon's Promo
Christmas season has already started in the Philippines as the "ber" month got into the calendar. Yes, you'll hear Christmas jingles already played anywhere and see some decorative displays pertaining the season. It is also a season when people gets excited on some food items to be put back on the menu and even some Christmas merchandises are making some surprises! Does that make you feel excited, too? Of course, it does!

Starbucks Philippines has set some surprises this year, too! Quite a number of food items, around fourteen (14), and drinks to be put in their Christmas menu. Not only that, the most awaited Starbucks organizer/planner and card will make a new wave. Yes, it is coming very soon!

Here are some of the food and drink items that will make your Starbucks experience very delightful this Christmas season, to wit:
The Baked Cheese Tart
1) The Baked Cheese Tart. It is one of my favorites! Why? It is because it points me back to a familiar taste, I know I have tasted but I forgot what that is but yes, I liked it! Well, you got to taste it too!
The Baked Burrito
2) The Baked Burrito. This is a shift from its original presentation that will wrapped towards an open baked burrito, which is healthier. This has pork which non-pork eaters cannot savour, but the taste is really good like a Mexican burrito presented differently.
The Chocolate Oat Cheesecake
3) The Chocolate Oat Cheesecake. It is an O-M-G! Yes, the chocolate lover in me is very much delightful with its chocolatey taste, some layers of oats alongside and much of the usual cheesecake. It is so heaven! A bit heavy but very fulfilling with your chocolate craving. It makes me drool, even thinking about it. LOL
The Vanilla Blueberry Cake
4) The Vanilla Blueberry Cake. This is the counterpart of the chocolate oat cheesecake. This is a light cake but very satisfying. The sweet tooth in me makes me dream and guilt-free to have another slice on my plate. The cake is soft, moist and fluffy with the blueberry filled in layers. Yum! Yum! Yum!
The best barista explaining the Christmas blend
5) The Christmas blend. I am pretty sorry if I am not much a coffee fan, but this coffee is really aromatic, fragrant. Tasted it and after the sip, it doesn’t stuck in your throat. It is like clearing out your esophagus with such a tasty coffee. For me, this is good! Well, I still want more tea! :p
The Toffee Nut Crunch Latte and Peppermint Mocha
6) The Toffee Nut Crunch Latte. Again, I am not much of a coffee fan but I am enjoying this beverage. Why? It is because of the toffee nut crunch it has that makes me enjoy biting. It is a right blend and not too sweet. It is pretty good! It can be served hot or cold.
Hot Toffee Nut Crunch Latte and Peppermint Mocha
7) The Peppermint Mocha. O-M-G! Yes, again, not much of a coffee fan but sipping it is having Christmas in your mouth! The colors, taste and soothing peppermint makes me sing jingle bells! It can also be served hot or cold.

Aside from the food… there’s more!
Starbucks Christmas edition and special edition cards
Special edition cards
Yes, Starbucks Philippines will have four (4) special edition cards to launch, and three (3) Christmas edition cards with 1 Maligayang Pasko card made especially for us! In Asia, we have one of the unique Christmas card by Starbucks, localized in terms.
2 designs of Starbucks travel organizer
Not only that, the most awaited Starbucks organizer/planner will come in four (4) designs this year. You read it right, it will come in four (4) designs: two (2) designs will be put in pouch with a special edition card in different colors, and another two (2) designs fit for the travelers also with a special edition card in different colors.
2 designs of Starbucks organizer
To avail of these, you need to complete coupon in the Starbucks Philippines app for the organizer. Isn’t that easier? You will need your smart phone and the app, it comes handy! The more you visit and avail Starbucks beverages, the more chances of getting the organizer fast!

That is a Merry Christmas already! Thank you very much, Starbucks Philippines! It excites me, it excites you; come November 2 and it starts from there!

Thank you for visiting my avenue,!

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