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Fans swear by NaverTV being the best Korean entertainment hub on the planet, but a lot of the content is exclusive to South Korea, so even if you have an account you’ll be barred from enjoying its shows. If you’d like to tune in from elsewhere in the world when you’re traveling, we have great news for you! Read on to find out how to gain access with a VPN.
Stream NaverTV with the help of a VPN
The easiest way to access NaverTV from anywhere around the world is through the use of a VPN. A VPN is a tool designed to help you bypass geo-restrictions by switching your IP address. At the same time, it provides network security and guarantees the privacy and security of your network traffic. But how does a VPN help you stream South Korean Content anywhere in the world?
Why a VPN helps you access South Korea Only content
Typically, streaming platforms such as NaverTV limit viewership of their content to a precise geographic location – South Korea in this case. The mechanism usually relies on identifying your IP address, whereby devices with a South Korean IP address gain access. One must find a way to switch the IP address automatically assigned to their device if they wish to know how to overcome geo-restrictions, which is why a VPN is helpful. Once installed, a VPN provides the user with the option of selecting a VPN server location – a mechanism designed for network security but useful in bypassing such inconveniences as geo-blocking. The question is; Should a VPN only be used by those outside South Korea hoping to stream NaverTV?
Why use a VPN when in South Korea?
Streaming content requires a fast, stable connection, which could prove costly. That is one of the reasons people love public Wi-Fi so much. However, relying on such a connection could be a costly mistake, especially when you’re clueless about the risks of using public Wi-Fi. While the ideal way to avoid the dangers associated with public Wi-Fi such as hacking is to avoid the Wi-Fi altogether, that is not an option for those looking to enjoy NaverTV but lack the resources to put up their connection. Luckily, a VPN’s primary function is network security through the encryption of network traffic coupled with the IP switch. Therefore, even those still within South Korea should install a VPN if they wish to remain secure online.
The Bottomline
Much as a VPN provides all the convenient benefits, the quality of those benefits depends on the VPN. For instance, some VPNs store user data such as connection logs, which undermines your cybersecurity while others have a limited number of server locations, which affects your streaming. Your choice of VPN is, therefore, of critical importance for K-pop fans looking for quality streaming.

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  1. Agreed with every bit you mentioned about Korea VPN. I use Ivacy when streaming NaverTV.