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Travel is life for an outgoing person like me. During the travel, it is essential to bring some items that will protect yourself from harmful sun exposure and insect bites. Good thing that Aromacology has some of its products good for such needs. Here are some of my experiences using their products.

The sports spray. Yes, during a travel, sun exposure is pretty normal especially that you want to feel like a tourist: you will walk a lot. Walking along the streets under a very sunny day or enjoying the beach under the scorching heat of the sun, you will really get tanned or worse have much sunburn. It can be prevented using some skin products like a sunblock or sun spray, for instance, Aromacology's offer is a sports spray. It may be compared to other skincare products but theirs is a competitive one. Why? Most that I have tried, sunblock and even sun sprays are greasy and sticky. However, with the sports spray, it may appear greasy but it isn't and the feel is just gliding but eventually be absorbed by your skin. I love it that way. You can easily apply it to your body with a spray bottle and spread on your body parts. It comes handy with the 100mL spray bottle preparation.

The hair treatment. Sun exposure will really make your hair brittle and scalp dry. The result of which will be dandruff. It isn't cool to have dandruff, right? Sometimes, it will also result to hairfall. So, a great hair treatment product will help much to prevent having dandruff and hairfall. With Aromacology's hair treatment, it feels cool on the scalp because of the menthol component and it is not greasy. The feel is just right and application does not take that long. At least 10 minutes, you can have a hair treatment at home, during your bath. You may have hair treatment at your favorite salon but you can have a practical hair treatment session at home with this hair treatment of Aromacology. I like this too, and definitely can recommend this to anybody.

The lip therapy. Your lips will sometimes crack or becomes chap whenever you are getting acidic, thirsty or dehydrated. A lip balm or lip therapy can help moisten your lips and it is not just for women. Aromacology's lip therapy is like the other lipbalm available in the market only that it is more natural. It has a grapeseed extract thus its fruity smell which I like, and it is not greasy; it is just enough to moisturize your lips.

The mosquito repellent cream. Traveling may need much time and most of the time, it is spent overnight. You may be a person who loves to go around at night wherever it is, it can be at the forest or any urban place but there is a risk for some mosquito bites. Aromacology has something for it. They offer a small bottle container that can be easily applied and be protected from insect bites. It is pretty handy and can be brought anywhere.

Aromacology products are good to be given for your friends at any given occasion. Visit any Aromacology branch and avail of these products that are good for your body skin care needs.

Maybe, Aromacology is not known to you. Aromacology champions products with natural ingredients! Thank you for these awesome products! :-)

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