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People Behind the Sales Mission in Davao City
Recently, the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia brought eight (8) tour agents and tour operators from North Sulawesi (Sulut) and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) to promote different tourist destinations from those regions. It is the first time that the sales mission went to Davao City after a round of sales mission in Manila. With this activity, every one is excited and hope to revive the direct flight from Davao City, Philippines to Manado, Indonesia.
Indonesia Cultural Dance
This year the Ministry of Tourism targets to have 17 million visitors all over the world.The Phillippines, as a neighbor, friend and brother country, the ministry targets 180,000 visitors. With much love, as of October this year, Filipino visitors have reached 179,600 or that is 99.8% of the target. That is such a very promising number and hopefully it will increase more.

As of the moment, there are three airlines flying from the Philippines to Indonesia, to wit: 1) the Philippine Airlines, 2) Cebu Pacific and 3) AirAsia. The destinations covered by these airlines are Manila-Jakarta and Manila-Denpasar routes. Most interests of Filipino visitors in Indonesia include vacation, shopping and culinary tours. Most visited places of Filipinos are Jakarta, Bali and Batam.
ConGen Napitupulu Giving a Speech
With the leadership of ConGen. Berlian Napitupulu of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Davao City, the sales mission has been made possible in Davao City. There are a lot input that ConGen Napitupulu has given to the guests, especially on exploring potentials to make the air linkage sustainable in the future. He also added that the sales mission is made to create market, create trade and create reason to travel. As such, there could  be events that will exchange professionals, exchange of sport events, exchange of youth and exchange of students. In which, one example that ConGen has highlighted was the presence of a good medical school in Davao City wherein 1200 students from India have enrolled. He added that why not for Indonesians? Davao City is nearer to Manado compare to bringing the students to farther places and more expensive. Aside from that, ConGen has shared that in two (2) years they have participated nineteen (19) expos and six (6) of which are solo expos organized by the consulate. These promotional activities are done to make long term deals.
Deputy Director Pelitasari Giving Updates
Together with ConGen Napitupulu is the Deputy Director of Promotion for the Philippines and Sulawesi, Mrs. Afrida Pelitasari. She has shared that they have a challenging target for next year that is to have 260,000 Filipino visitors. However, she is hopeful with their five (5) marketing strategy approach to strengthen engagement, to wit: 1) travel mart, 2) fam trip (family or friends trip), 3) sales mission (which is the recent event), 4) Indonesia festival and 5) integrated marketing program with the cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and airlines, as well as, opening of new air routes.
Table Top Sessions for Tour Familiarization

Consul Endah with Raffle Winners
Indeed, the sales mission is a very exciting event which hopes to bring a fruitful future between the Philippines and Indonesia, especially in Davao City. There are cultural shows made by Indonesian dancers, play of tourism promotional ad campaign videos, also a healthy discussion of tour agents and tour operators from Indonesia with Davao tour operators in exploring possible cooperation and one of the most awaited part is the raffle of Indonesian made items and tour packages.
Winners of Tour Packages All-Expense Paid
Terima Kasih, Indonesia! I hope and pray that the Davao-Manado route will be revived and made sustainable in the future. For further information, visit:

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