Travel | Xiamen Airlines Launches Direct Flight from Davao to Quanzhou

This December 18 will start a new international destination from Davao: Davao City, Philippines to Quanzhou, China. Davao International Airport has three (3) existing international flights, to wit: Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Now, Quanzhou will be the 4th international destination coming from Davao City brought by Xiamen Airlines.

Davao City will be very excited to show its culture to the Chinese visitors. Davao City, as home to 11 tribes, will exhibit arts and dances that will welcome the visitors with much color. A visit to the areas of conservation like the Philippine Eagle Foundation will also be a good opportunity to see the mighty eagle and visit the countryside of the city. Not so far, there are beautiful white sand beaches also that tourists will love to dip in. Also, fresh, good food will be enjoyed!

Something that will interest our travelers…

If you wish to be in a historical and cultural city, Quanzhou is one of them in China. Tourists will enjoy beautiful attractions in the city. It is home of a large Buddhist complex, the Kaiyuan Temple, wherein tourists can observe monks praying, can roam around beautiful gardens and have some souvenir items. As a historical destination, some museums are good to visit too!

For those nature lover and hikers, Mount Qingyuan is there to show you the beauty of nature and the city view.

Also, there are so much food that can be tasted with bunch of sea food, noodles and grilled meat. For tea lovers out there, ceremonial tea may be in your bucket list to experience and taste.

Both destinations will show their best to tell a story. Both will be worth a visit. Both are sister cities. 

Flight schedules twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) are as follows:
Quanzhou (JJN) - Davao (DVO) flight MF8679 departs at 09:00H and arrives at 12:15H
DVO - JJN flight MF8680 departs at 13:50H and arrives at 16:30H

But I hope visa processing from Davao to Quanzhou will be easy. Consulate of China in Davao can serve visa processing. :-)

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