Lifestyle Event | EMCOR Strengthens E-commerce with the Launching of Mobile App

EMCOR, Inc. has launched their first and newest mobile application for the convenience of its patrons and soon to be customers. This step is said to be the company's strengthening of their presence in the e-commerce sector as more and more people are getting more digital in purchasing goods. This mobile application is ready to be installed through the Android Google Playstore and soon will be available on the Apple App Store.
EMCOR App Available on Playstore
So, what are the features of this application? Here it is:
1) Customers can easily view and browse the products;
2) 3 payment options after checking out: COD, credit card, and installment;
3) Help Desk: Chat support for inquiry and complaints; and
4) Account management to easily see your EMCOR transactions.
Mr. Villaflor Discussing the Mobile App
Truly, the features are very simple but helpful! It is a response to EMCOR's commitment in fulfilling their mission to aim for continual improvement in the quality of products, services and internal processes. I can say that it is indeed user friendly, and you have to sign up to complete your purchases. Aside from that, it is a way of doing your appliance, furniture, motorcycle, and gadget shopping without going to the physical store and pay according to your chosen option and add the standard delivery payment of ₱500. Another aside from that, part of EMCOR's services is for the maintenance of purchased items which can also be accessed through the application - no payment for visit and check unless there are parts needed to be purchased. That is a wholistic approach for the e-customers!

Wait! There's more!!!

Starting today, March 16 to 31, 2019, EMCOR is introducing its Crazy Sale! What is that?!! You can purchase your dream TV with a down-payment as low as ₱200! Download their mobile application now, sign up and do your shopping. 😊
EMCOR Store in Bajada (Main)
EMCOR is a homegrown company, from Davao City, that is known for its retail services. It is among the biggest names in the industry, visible in Palawan, Visayas and Mindanao. With over 146 stores and networks, the company is one of the biggest in the country.

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