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To cook is one of the best things that one can do for his family and friends. It has to be healthy and of course something very delicious. But, how do you choose your cooking oil? Or do you know well your cooking oil? Glad that Ms. Maita, Product Manager of Fly Ace Corporation, in which Claro Palm Oil is among their best products, gave some time to explain about Claro Palm Oil.

Ms. Maita of Fly Ace Corporation for Claro Palm Oil
There are many types of cooking oil that we have in the market today. The most common perhaps is the vegetable oil. The palm oil may be among the vegetable oils but it makes itself distinct than the other types of oil. Palm oil is extracted from the flesh of the palm fruit, a popular cooking oil in Southeast Asia, has a high smoke point that makes it suitable even for high heat cooking and it is semi-solid at room temperature.

Claro Palm Oil is one of the best in the market as it cholesterol-free and fortified with Vitamin A; suitable for all-around cooking, everyday cooking - can be used several times; and it has undergone several processes (3x refined and 2x filtered) to meet quality standards. Ms. Maita also added that the Claro Palm Oil will not harden even in a cool environment and you can also try to sip it directly like water. That is why it is getting much attention as the cooking oil of choice among those on the high ground places like in Baguio and Bukidnon. I got intrigued, and tried it at home. I put one bottle of the Claro Palm Oil inside the refrigerator overnight, and to my surprise, yes, it did not harden the following day! True enough that it is a healthier option because when we ingest the Claro Palm Oil, it is like water that can flow in our blood vessels freely and will not be a cause of any concern.
Products of Jolly Claro Palm Oil
Since I also cook and bake, I tried to incorporate the Claro Palm Oil in my Carrot Cake and it was a hit for the family during a gathering. Thus, I can say, Claro Palm Oil is indeed making its statement with confidence that it is OILINIS, OILINAW, and OILINAMNAM!

I am thankful with the invitation of Ms. Lormy through Ms. Jojie and I have a chance to have heard the product on a personal level. Again, thank you!

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