Food | Select Products Launched in Davao City

Adobo and Pancit used with Select Products
We, Filipinos, love to eat and cook! Soy sauce and vinegar are among the most used ingredients or condiments in a Filipino dish. It is in fact the main ingredients in cooking the all-time favorite ADOBO! Aside from the adobo, we have the pancit guisado, served in any occasion, for long life, is also sautéed in soy sauce. Select has the soy sauce and vinegar, and now among the choices in the leading supermarkets in Visayas and Mindanao.

The brand has been leading pretty well in the Luzon area. Hopefully, it will also emerge the leading choice of most mothers doing the grocery in Mindanao as it is very affordable and of very good quality - that is what moms usually look after when buying items in the grocery store.
Wellmade Manufacturing Corp team with the local media
Me with the Select products and dishes with it.

During the launching, the served adobo and pancit guisado were used with the Select soy sauce and vinegar. I have good thoughts on it! The adobo sauce is not too salty and sour, instead, it is tasty. Perfect blend for the dish! The pancit tastes good as well.

Wellmade Manufacturing Corporation, which is a trusted brand by Filipinos for 44 years now, launches its Select Soy Sauce and Select Vinegar in the VisMin area. It is a proudly Pinoy product!

According to its history, the Select Soy Sauce and Vinegar follows a traditional Chinese natural fermentation of soy and sugar cane that is passed from generation to generation.

Using the Select products, it will be a homecook secret that can make home dishes worth every bite at the dining table.

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