#PlsSaveMe : Payout was Real

Long List of Payables
There’s this place unofficially dubbed as the “investment capital” in Davao. Yes, a lot of people were enticed to invest since they were promised to have a return of double, triple, quadraple and more. A lot of these companies popped up like mushrooms anywhere in this area.

Dan, 33 years of age, a professional, living comfortably had become among those who got enticed with the investment. He completely knew that investment comes in two forms: solid and liquid investment. He got a house and car - both under loan agreement and then he tried to take a risk with the budding investment schemes.

One goal he had in mind was to pay his loans by paying religiously with his salary. Then, he wanted to pay it faster and thought of having another car if he gets lucky with the investment. Yes, he said of the IFs… More of the “if the investment prospers” and less with “if it is a scam” because you should think positive when you invest.

The investment did well for him and others. Constantly, he got payout and with his payout, he put it in again. Rolling as he said. Still in mind, paying the loans and have another car. Few of his friends and even family told him of keeping his capital so that whatever happens, he could still be at peace. Few more months and the investment was still doing good - everybody happy and some got lazy working and thought of “pay-in and pay-out” in everyday living.

Indeed, turn of tables happened. Many of these investment companies one by one got investigated and slowly closed down. Some owners had run away bringing the money of the investors. Dan, including many other investors, got anxious because he hadn’t gotten their payout yet and was able to put a huge amount of money wiping out his savings . More anxious that he got himself tied with his loans, no extra savings and there are many bills to pay - the investment companies stopped operations but bills continuously asked for payment.

The “investment capital” that was a hot spot for “investors” became “morally down”. People, including Dan, started to focus on their jobs. The streets with long queues of people from all walks of life for pay-in and pay-out were out of scene. Streets were again busy with tricycles running and got a glimpse of “poor-tuner”.

Dan even said that because of what happened there were some casualties due to some people’s desperateness to get back their investment. Indeed a dark times for the “investment capital”. People got angry out of their own greed.

Right now, people in the place are busy in their day to day life, including Dan. Dan said that he should have been contented; he should have invested only what he can afford to lose; and many other realizations. He even said that it still lingers in him that if ever the investment did not close, he could have paid up his loans earlier and have another car. Yet and yet, he and the rest others could only pray hard for refund since some companies did say of such act. But then again, the question remains WHEN. 

Take care of your hard earned money and put it in a scheme more familiar and safe. Understand where you put your money, too. Not all things that are too good to be true will last forever.

Disclaimer: The name of the respondent is changed, but the events that happened may be similar and familiar.

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