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Sir Thomas and Me
A new player, first in the Philippines, in Davao City - The Red Tomato boasts fine, delectable taste of Italy! Maybe you are like me who thinks about pasta and something sour when we talk about Italian cuisine, but the Red Tomato is serving variety of Italian dishes to enjoy and very affordable. Believe me, it is so heaven!

Taking Photos of the Food
With the generosity of Mr. Thomas Moersheim, we got invited for a lunch set: antipasti (appetizer), primi (first course), secondi (second course) and dolci (desserts). Mr. Moersheim is a WSET Level 3 Certified Wine Connoisseur who also runs multiple businesses in the food and beverage industry - Rossini Ristorante Italiano and The Red Tomator - with his partner, Hayde Escay - an interior designer by passion. However, both of them are engineers.

By the way, The Red Tomato is located at The Shoppes, Woodlane, C. P. Garcia Highway (Diversion Road), Maa, Davao City. A bit far from the city center, but still accessible and a very good place to dine. Come and visit them!

So, here’s some of the food they have on their menu.

For the appetizers: Hummus, Onion Fries, Ai Cinque Formaggi, Pizza Rotola and Pumpkin Soup.

The Hummus is a chickpea spread with pita bread. The hummus is tasty with the crunchy pita.

The Hummus
The Onion Fries
The Onion Fries are white onions with light batter served with honey mustard dip. It is not oily, light to your tummy and very tasty - healthy! I think this is one unique fries I have tasted and it is pretty good - I like the white onions because of its sweetness.

Ai Cinque Formaggi
The Ai Cinque Formaggi or the 5 Italian Cheese Pizza is a very thin crust, crunchy  with bubbles at the side (which makes it authentic), loaded with Italian cheeses is a very good appetizer. It is very flavorful - well-balanced - and even there are 5 cheeses (mozzarella, provolone, pecorino, fontina and gorgonzola) on top, it is not thick. Something to look forward here at the Red Tomato because it has blue cheese (gorgonzola) that will play in your taste buds.

The Pizza Rotola
The Pizza Rotola is another pizza appetizer that made me feel full. It is so good! It is several slices of rectangular pizza that will be put with toppings of garlic, white onion and green leafy vegetable that will be rolled and served. That is so much goodness!

The Pumpkin Soup
The Pumpkin Soup is a very simple dish to look at but the taste is superb! It has a secret ingredient that adds to the taste of the pumpkin that will really make you finish the whole soup and you’ll like to ask for more!

For the main course: Paella Roja, Risotto Funghi Porcini, Pasta Cartoccio, Lengua con Setas, Osso Buco and Beef Kebab! Yeah, that’s a lot!

The Paella Roja
The Paella Roja is a Spanish dish made to perfection with chicken, chorizo bilbao, shrimps and mussels. I am not a fan of paella because sometimes it is greasy but theirs is perfect and colorful!

The Risotto Funghi Porcini
The Risotto Funghi Porcini is simply the best! At a first glance, it looks pretty ordinary but when I tasted the Arborio rice with Porcini mushroom, oh my goodness, it is so heavenly! I even finished the plate served to us - it is pretty good!

The Pasta Cartoccio
The Pasta Cartoccio is a spaghetti with mixed seafood cooked in tomato cream sauce. This is Italian but the taste is pretty balanced, the sourness of the sauce is not overpowering and just enough creaminess.

The Lengua con Setas
The Lengua con Setas is an ox tongue with mushrooms and olives served with mixed veggies and mashed potatoes. Okay, that’s a tongue, I am imagining the tongue and I am not a fan, but I gotta taste it. Are you kidding me, is that really a tongue? It is very soft, corned and very tasty, then I liked it.

The Osso Buco
The Osso Buco is a braised beef shank in tomato sauce with mixed veggies. The beef is tender and the sauce is very tasty! A perfect combination plus a very appetizing dish.

The Beef Kebab
The Beef Kebab is a grilled ground beef with tomatoes, onions and bell pepper served with mayo garlic sauce and butter rice.

Then, the desserts: home-made cookies and buns, artisanal cakes and tiramisu.

Artisanal Cakes
Cookies and Buns
Actually the sweet tooth in me is very happy with these goodies and I am having a feast in my mouth. The buns are soft and tasty, the cakes are not too sweet and I just see the tiramisu - hahahah I am not able to get a taste of it but it looks really good.

The Red Tomato Staff
Sir Thomas - The Red Tomato Owner
That lunch treat is one of the most happiest feeling and sure there’s satiety. Try it for yourself, every is affordable! Aside from that, the ingredients they used are very fresh, and healthy. Again, thank you very much for the treat The Red Tomato! I am one very happy eater! :-)


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