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Gents Winner on the Podium
Are you looking for a place to bond as a family or group of friends? Or you want your children to get rid of some time their attention from holding their smartphones? Maybe, it is high time to visit an activity area where kids and adults can play inside a race track and enjoy a remarkable experience. So, visit the Racing Line Karting!

GoKart at the Racing Line Karting
Recently, I have found a very good bonding place for family and friends during a Media Challenge 2020 by the Racing Line Karting. It is a place where you can eat great tasting food, conduct a special event of your life at their VIP Room and race in their race track.

French Fries
Cakes, Pastries and Meals
Photo credit: The Racing Line Karting
How good is the food? Pretty good! Their snack items like the pizza, french fries and nachos are good. I like also the desserts served by the Picky Eater Kitchen with variety of low carb, low sugar cheesecakes and cupcakes. I like the idea that they are using stevia on their cakes. Then, the Krazy Chicken is a very big serving for me and it’s crazy! Plus have a sip of the Partea! Partea! Then, if you like to drink some alcoholic beverages, it is also available and if you want it to be sent home, Cerveza Moto delivers it right to your doorstep.

Racers with Race Marshalls
Is it safe? That may be one of the questions you have in mind as a race will need safety for everybody inside. Of course, it is! There are trained race personnel inside and the track is designed with cushions. There’s also a briefing for every racer before going to race that will not take very long and it is very easy to understand in order to be safe during the race.

Kid's Division with the Race Marshalls
Is it affordable? Yes it is! P100 for 5 minutes in the race track among children, while P200 for 5 minutes in the race track among teens and adults. If you are not into the real thing, you can avail of a virtual race with race car simulators that is P100 for 15 minutes or use a Virtual Reality Goggles that is P150 for 15 minutes. But I suggest that you try at least the real thing because it is extremely fun!

They also have packages for those who want to avail of their party, race and food promo. There’s a lot to choose from! Go at their facebook page: The Racing Line Karting for direct inquiries or visit them at the Peak of Gaisano Mall of Davao.

If you are competitive enough, you can also try to register for their weekly competition and become one of those in the hall of fame! There's also a Time Attack Fridays (6PM-10PM) that costs you P500 and win exciting prizes.

I am so glad that the Racing Line Karting is there to let the kids and adults experience the fun of doing indoor/outdoor activities that is worth every peso you pay. Well, for me, it is really a sport that will help you develop discipline and awareness of safe driving. The karts may be not the usual cars in the roads but with this help give an individual the sense of responsibility when driving, well, in this case, racing. :D

The Racing Line Sports Arena - Race Track
I may not be a professional driver but, at least, during the Media Challenge 2020 opened by the Racing Line Karting - I got a podium finish, 2nd among the gents who participated. With so much gratitude, I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the organizers of the event and it has been a very fun experience which I wanted other people to try, especially from Davao City or nearby areas. 

It is a family business that wants to share their passion to the public as their tagline says, "Share Our Passion" in line of the motorsports.

Make that competitive spirit in you grow and show them how you race! See you at the race track!

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