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Me wearing a mask, advised to wear mask in public spaces
With the continuous rising numbers of confirmed CoViD-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) worldwide, there are very easy to do things to help flatten the curve of the infection. It is easy, doable and needing the utmost cooperation of everybody in the community. This will surely help your community, city, country and the region in combating the infection.

As a nurse by profession, there are several infection control measures that can be done to avoid the spread of an infectious disease. There is a chain of infection that has to be noted, to wit: 1) Portal of Exit (where the bacteria or virus will come out from an infected person), 2) Mode of Transmission (how will the infection be passed to another person), 3) Portal of Entry (where will the bacteria or virus enter your body), 4) Susceptible Host (who are the possible recipient of the infection), 5) Causative Agent (what bacteria or virus that causes the disease/illness), and 6) Reservoir (where the bacteria or virus can survive and multiply again). To fight a microscopic enemy, there should be ways to cut the chain of infection. In the case of CoViD-19, some standard precaution methods against any disease or illness will apply, plus some efforts to maintain a healthy physique will definitely be a great thing to do, too.

So, here are some ways to cut the chain of infection for CoViD-19.

First, HAND WASHING! For a droplet transmission through a close contact mode of transmission, the microorganisms can be transferred to a susceptible host when it is touched. Then, the microorganisms carried by your hand or fingers can enter the body when it reaches a body opening such as the nose or mouth. Hand washing can save you from getting infected! Doing it approximately 20 seconds or that’s singing two “happy birthday” song with soap and water will greatly remove the microorganism such as the corona virus. Without available soap and water, but you have a supply of hand sanitizer or alcohol, do a hand rub using those pharmaceutical products. Hand washing is important and equally washing your feet too will do some miracles upon reaching home coming from your day’s work.

Second, COUGH ETIQUETTE! The portal of exit of CoViD-19 is through coughing or sneezing. We can cut the chain of infection if we are used to covering our mouth when coughing, and covering both our nose and mouth when sneezing. There are items that we can use to cover our nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, it can be a handkerchief, tissue paper, the sleeves of our shirt, inside the shirt we wear and even our hands. It should be part of the manners that everyone should practice because it is applicable not only with CoViD-19, but to other respiratory diseases, too. Then, after sneezing and coughing, do not share your hanky, dispose the tissue properly, and do the hand washing.

Third, SOCIAL DISTANCING! We are highly sociable individuals who wants to hug, kiss, shake hands and talk very near, but to refrain from getting the infection, we are advised to do social distancing. It is just temporary! You may have sneezed or coughed on your sleeves or shirt, and getting close with somebody without hand washing and cough etiquette, there’s a high probability that you’ll share some microorganism unwanted in the body. So, keep a safe distance.

Fourth, TAKE YOUR VITAMIN C! Vitamin C or the ascorbic acid is the most common immunity booster and antioxidant we have in the market. It is also one of the pharmaceutical products easily out of stock right now. Taking your Vitamin C or any multivitamins can help your body have its adequate immunity booster. It will help you to avoid being a susceptible host where the virus can take advantage as a reservoir. If ever you have acquired the virus, the body can have the adequate fighting mechanism to get rid of the infection and you may be asymptomatic. In absence of the Vitamic C in the pharmacy, let the magic of calamansi do miracles. 

Fifth, HAVE ADEQUATE REST AND NUTRITION! In line with the fourth one, having an adequate rest and nutrition will help you to have a healthy body to fight against the infection. Again, a healthy body can fight the manifestation of the disease.

Sixth, WEAR YOUR PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE), when necessary! The World Health Organization emphasizes the use of PPE for the healthcare workers, especially those who are frontliners and giving care. The PPE will involve a mask, gloves, goggles, body covering and feet cover. However, for lay people, using mask can be prioritized for the sick people to have a reverse isolation approach. It will help the supply of masks be given to those much needy. But when certain protocols are in placed for the use of PPE, we shall then follow it. The use of PPE will help in the protection against the virus in entering the body.

So, there you have it. You can observe that when a part of the chain of infection is cut, the infection cycle will not continue. Those mentioned six things are only some of the things we can do against the CoViD-19 while at home or going towards our workplace. I hope it helps!

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