Digital Lifestyle | "PORT OUT, PORT IN" in the Philippines Underway on September 2021

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The three (3) big telecommunications companies in the Philippines have collaborated to ensure the mobile network portability will be possible in the country. The long dream of having your mobile numbers permanent even you switch networks will happen very soon sometime in September 2021. With this recent development, hence, Telecommunications Connectivity Incorporated is formed.

Mobile Number Portability is not a new scheme in the world, it is available in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. Soon, it will come to a reality in the Philippines, with the help of Syniverse as the technical support. "PORT OUT and PORT IN" will be a new practice among mobile telco subscribers, when they opt to change their network to transfer to another. Yes, it will encourage the telcos to be more competitive with their services so that it can entice subscribers to port in.

TCI expects around a million subscribers to have port out and port in transactions in its first year of operations, but who knows the real numbers yet as they are about to start by September 2021.

Good thing that to avail of the services for mobile number portability, it is free! The process will include that you ask a 9-digit Unique Subscriber Code (USC) from your current network and show it to your prospect new network. It will take 48 hours (that's fast!) so that the switch will happen. After opting to port out/port in, you will have to wait for another 60 days to avail port out/port in if you wish to switch again.

The good thing about the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) it is already a law under Republic Act 11202. Thus, to comply with it is a must. It will really give the Filipinos an option of which telco service provider they'll have to enjoy. With the port in and port out to networks, subscribers will enjoy the promos of respective networks: DITO, Globe and Smart. It can also be enjoyed a transfer of prepaid to postpaid, postpaid to prepaid, postpaid to postpaid and prepaid to prepaid. However, A FRIENDLY REMINDER, among the postpaid subscribers, it will be possible after completing the liabilities to the concurrent network.

This is indeed a gamechanger in the industry of telecommunications. As this will be realized, changing of numbers will be less and hopefully will also attribute to personal identification in the future in the Philippines. I wish the TCI all the best with this. As what TCI GM, Ms. Melanie Manuel have said, "IN UNITY, THERE IS CONNECTIVITY".

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