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Lapu-Lapu Bulad Flakes by FarmHouse Cocina

As a Filipino, bulad or dried fish is a very familiar dish. It may be among the Filipino food that can really make neighbors search for the source because of its obnoxious smell when being fried! I remember a channel member in my vlog JoyoftheWorld, she said that with air fryer, she is happy that she can cook dried fish! Yes, with the air fryer, the smell when frying bulad can be at least minimized to none.

Good thing, a good news!!! A friend from FarmHouse Cocina here in Davao City has a version of bulad in olive oil! A lapu-lapu bulad is used for the flakes soaked in olive oil. The bulad flakes has the smokiness that's essential for me especially talking about bulad. It has some spices, too, that's subtle and your palate can still enjoy eating the bulad. Plus, you will not need to fry it to enjoy! Simply, pour it on a bowl and serve. That's pretty easy, right? So, you have to prepare your rice because you can really enjoy its taste and quantity in every bottle.

Me and my parents really enjoyed the bulad of FarmHouse Cocina. It is a gourmet treat to every bulad lovers out there and I can say, everyone can enjoy this. Those curious can also enjoy this. It is also just right to those not much of spice lovers. Yes, another product from Davao City that I can say should be tried by our friends in here.

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